happy 4th anniversary

Joyce & Luke Wedding 9Sept2007
I am feeling short on words today, but this year has proved to be yet another challenging one. More of those “for worse” experiences have crept in and we’ve relied on each other more than ever. I can honestly say that this year we worked together as a team – and while it doesn’t make for romance, it does make for long lasting partnership and love.

But let me just say, juggling our jobs + our house + our dogs + our Anna hasn’t been easy. True confession, in the past 365 days, we have only left the house and baby ONCE – to go on our cruise vacation – and that was almost ONE year ago. I hope in the coming year, we can change that.

As we move onto Year 5, things will inevitably be even harder – a new baby! But, if the last four years are any indication, we will handle anything that life throws at us just fine.

To hubs –I am so thrilled for our expanding little family and being able to share it all with you. Happy anniversary.


  1. Happy Anniversary Joyce and Luke!

    Gosh, if that couple in the photo knew what was coming... I wonder what they might have done differently?

  2. Yes, time sure flies and it's been a blast really. Sure, there've been bumps, but like our memories after a vacation, we tend to remember all the good things while all the bad things fade away. It's just that lately, we haven't had much time to reminisce about the good things.

    But in the brief moments of peace we do get, I still smile when I think about the two of us and all we've experienced together. Definitely looking forward to our times ahead. Happy Anniversary!

    Now if only we had babysitters...

  3. Happy anniversary! what a great photo! I'm sure you'll have a wonderful, memorable year ahead!


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