Anna - 18 Months

I can’t believe Anna is one and a half years old.

Yesterday at her 18-month appointment, she weighs 22 lbs and 12 oz and stands 30.75 inches tall. She is squarely at the 25 percentile for both. She received an iron deficiency test (she passed) and two shots and cried like a baby through them all. I am glad that at her next appointment (2 years), there won’t be any more shots.

She is adding more words to her repertoire. I don’t do a good job of tracking, but new for this month that I can remember: dog/doggie (instead of go-go like she used to say) clock, pot, turtle, bug, mouse, fork, socks, shoes, hat, moon, eat, tree, box, blocks, star, uh oh, hot, train, broccoli, up, and down. These are words she says on her own, not just repeated after us. There are some words that she says in Chinese, but not in English, like egg, noodles, and horse.

I am surprised that Anna hasn’t picked up on thank you or please yet since we say them to her all the time. But she put two distinct words together for the first time at OBX, bye-bye, beach.

She can identify all her body parts, including the less common ones like knees, neck, elbows, and back.

Sometimes, when we say one, two, she will say three.

She seems to be able to identify colors and shapes. She doesn’t say the shapes, but when I ask her to hand me a certain shape (out of an assortment of others), she gets it right most of the time. At dinner, we have been playing with different colors of sponges and when I ask her to hand me the green sponge, she gets it. I trick her, though – when there is only one color left, say pink, I will ask her for yellow. She hesitates, but hands me the pink anyway. So I guess she’s not 100% accurate yet, but we are getting there!

In the tub, hubs teaches her ABC.

No is her favorite word.

She was never into stuffed animals…until this month. Now she has a bear that she likes to hug and kiss.

When hubs tells her it's time for bed, she will grab her blanket and gives me a kiss before going over to hubs. SO SWEET.

Anna continues to be a cautious little girl. It still takes her a while to warm up to people, but when she does, she has fun with them. She doesn’t mind little people, though. When we take her to play with trains at the bookstore, she plays among other kids. Not exactly playing with them, but holds her own even though she’s always the smallest one there. Yesterday at the doctor’s office, she played at the activity table with two bigger girls (4 or 5 years old, maybe). They started interacting with her and instead of running back to us, she just stayed there and did her own thing.

I am really enjoying this stage now – it’s so much fun that she’s communicating with us and calms down when we reason with her. I am going to do my best to stop, soak in the moment, and really enjoy my big one-and-a-half-year old girl before Baby B comes. There is a lot to enjoy!
Anna - 18 Months Checkup


  1. such a fun age! btw, my daughter has that same Strawberry Shortcake cafe in the photo! take care!

  2. How did it not even occur to me that combining bye-bye, [insert object/person here] was stringing two words together!

    What a smart, healthy, wonderful little girl.

    I think 'no' is Ephram's favorite word right now as well. Those little stinkers ;)

  3. It's scary really, she's starting to become so much more than a little snuggle toy for us. Sometime she says and does things that make us do a double-take. This must be how it was like when SkyNet got smart and decided to wipe humans off the planet...

  4. She is really growing up fast! And so smart - just like her parents.


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