The “Terrible Twos"

Is that for real and can it start 7 months early? Because I feel like we are in the thick of it.

This past week, Anna has been throwing temper tantrums easily…and it’s hard to not get upset along with her. On one hand, it’s not completely heart-breaking for me to watch her cry, but the thing about Anna is that – whenever she cries, she tends to throw up her entire meal. Since she’s already petite for her age, that is the most frustrating part.

On another hand, I can do whatever it takes to make her happy and make sure she never cries (after a meal), but I don’t want to raise a brat either.

Being a mom is tough sometimes.

Anyway, we had a low-key weekend. Saturday night we hosted a cookout consisted of burgers and hotdogs. No pictures got taken because Anna was glued to me all night long, but I thought it was yet another success and everyone liked the burgers I made. My secret? Sausages! Next time, I think we will try grilling steaks.

Sunday…we went to Meadowlark Gardens again. It was sticky and hot and we didn’t stay long, but Anna was in a happy spirit despite of the heat.
Meadowlark Gardens 7Aug11
Getting up and personal with the geese.
Meadowlark Gardens 7Aug11
She walked uphill – giggling along the way - all on her own. We were so proud of her.
Meadowlark Gardens 7Aug11
We have an annual membership to the gardens and it's expiring at the end of November. We will probably go one last time in two months to check out the fall colors!


  1. I hope her brattiness settles down. Could also be the heat. I know I get super cranky when I'm hot and uncomfortable.

  2. Oh gosh, Ephram is SO going through some kind of terrible twos as well. I think a lot of it has to do with his frustration with not being able to communicate his wants yet, so I'm hoping as the words come, the tantrums go, but who knows. Poor Anna though and that little stomach :( Hopefully she grows out of that soon!

  3. Its been horribly warm until lately. Hopefully the cooler weather has made Anna a happier kid.


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