Hurricane Irene...

it wasn’t bad at all…at least where we live. I mean, We have more leaves and twigs than usual in our yard, but that is all.

Friday after work, I went shopping and loaded on milk, eggs and yogurt. Not to prepare for the storm or anything, but because I hate grocery shopping now and I would rather get it over with on Fridays. I came home with a bunch of perishables and hubs said, “What if we lose power?” Duh! That thought did not occur to me at all. Luckily, we survived Irene and had power all weekend.

So Saturday we spend the entire day in because of the rain and wind outside. We were all playing in the family room and I was taking pictures with my telephoto lens. In the middle of it, hubby went to the basement and brought up my early birthday present! A 50mm prime lens! I won’t pretend to be knowledge about camera equipment here, but I do like this simple and lighter lens. It lets lots of light in so my indoors shots are bright and crisp even with my shaky hands. And now that the camera is 10x lighter, I think taking my big camera with me when I am alone with Anna may actually be doable.

Here are some shots from Saturday.
Sunday we ran around ALL day. The highlight of it all was Anna got her first real haircut! I have been going to my hair lady for as long as I can remember. On Sunday I finally went in for a cut (in more than 6 months!). My hair lady saw Anna’s uneven hair and offered to give her a little trim, too. Girlfriend cried the entire time. I almost said forget it, but it was over in 3 minutes and I have to admit, it looks pretty good! I will have to take a picture later.


  1. So glad Irene didn't impact you too much!

    And yay for the 50mm! Mine actually just crapped out on me during a wedding this weekend, so I'll be needing to replace it soon. It's my fav lens.

  2. Glad things are okay there - things are okay here too. Mostly shredded leaves and some creeks flooding.

    Happy birthday a little early!

  3. Glad to hear that you were safe from the storm. Your photos are amazing. I'm jealous of your new toy! take care!

  4. Scissors & MirrorsAugust 30, 2011 at 12:01 AM

    What a whole lot of nothing that storm was. Oh well, guess we should be thankful that we were not impacted at all by it. Though a whole day locked in with a toddler was exhausting. But Sunday was good, and yes, the haircut did wonders for our little girl. I never knew how badly I butchered her hair till I saw a professional fix it up. I wonder what that says about my own self inflicted haircuts of the past decade?


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