Gotta Have My Grahams

8/15/2011 - Gotta Have My Grahams
We were all eating Teddy Grahams on the couch. Hubby was holding a handful and was giving them to Anna one by one. After popping one in her mouth, hubs gave her another one and said, “Feed Mama.” She did. Eventually, it came down to the last two pieces and hubs gave one to Anna. After putting that in her mouth, he handed her the last one and said, “Feed Mama.” Without any hesitation, she put that one in her mouth as well. I guess seeing that it was the last one, she had to have it.

I would have given her 10 more.

Bath time


  1. Hmmm...never seen the tub from that perspective before. Looks pretty tight. Not sure where Baby B is supposed to fit during bath time.

  2. Laffs@Mr Bubbles...

    Doesn't he know he has to get a family sized spa soon? :)


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