The Dogs

They used to be our babies, but now, I hate to say it, they just cause headaches.
The barking. The mess. The maintenance.
It’s a weekly discussion between me and the hubs to give them away.
But as much as I don’t want to see them gone, sometimes I think it’s for the best.
Especially things are going to get a lot worse with Baby B’s arrival.

But then there are also the good memories.
And the good memories that I know Anna and Baby B will have with them.
(Anna is starting to enjoy Pesto and kissed him on the nose the other day. She brings over the comb and the brush and “helps” me brush Pargo.)

Anyway, if we really give them away, I know the guilt will eat me up.
And what about the pictures we have of them up on the wall? Will they need to come down?

On the other hand, I think… if we have made it this far….can’t we just go a little bit further?
Tough it out for the next few years?

When I see pictures like these, I think that yes, we can tough it out.


  1. Don't let them go! They are way too adorable and so very well behaved!

  2. I know EXACTLY how you feel. We did give one of our cats to a co-worker, but my husband still wants the other two gone. I just can't do it...

  3. It's definitely a tough choice to make. I still think about Toby A LOT and always wonder if he's okay. I know that my life has freed up to allow me to do so many other things without having to worry if he's home alone for too long and then tend to him when I am here. But I still miss him and wish he and I would go on our walks again. I haven't even walked that route all year/ since I gave him away. It'd make me too sad.

    It was just me and him in the house. Don't know if having a family along with him would've made it easier or harder to take care of him.

  4. I know how you feel. My Kobe was the baby until K came along. After that it wasn't the same. He passed away 2 years later (he was old) and it was probably for the best, but I miss him. We still have photos of him in the house though.

  5. Such cute photos.

    I know how you wrestle with this. I hope it resolves itself in a good way.

    funny Dorkys mentioned Toby. I was thinking about him too when I read this..


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