the best view ever

I am going to start jotting down all the cute/funny/smart/annoying things that Anna does. Here is the first one.

Anna and I were reading a book on the floor and Pesto was laying next to us. We got to a page that has a picture of a dog and she pointed to it and said “go-ga” (dog). Anyway, so I asked her, “where is our “go-ga”?” She turned to Pesto and pointed at him. I then asked her, “ok, where is Pargo?” Without looking up, she pointed in the direction of the breakfast nook. Haha, yes, Pargo really was in the breakfast area, but from where we were in the family room, he was out of sight. But I guess she knows that he’s always there.

Then she went over to her play kitchen and pointed & said “cup”. There are several toy cups on the kitchen shelve and I gave one to her. She took the cup and said “wawa” (water) and walked toward the kitchen. I filled up the cup with water and she drank from it.

7/31/2011 - the best view ever
Hubby filled up Anna’s baby pool and they played outside while I did stuff in the kitchen. I love seeing the two of them have fun and spend time together.
baby pool time!


  1. The little moments like these are the best, aren't they? I just don't want them to ever end. I know I've said it before, but this really is the best age ;)

  2. what a beautiful picture of anna and daddy!

  3. So sweet and what a fun little series! I like how she just knows where Pargo will be without even looking.

  4. Oh and thank you so much for the sweet comment you left this week. I'm about to look through your Europe travel posts :)

  5. :) I think hubby is in his 2nd childhood... just wait until he is in the 3d one with the baby-on-the-way. :)


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