Anna - 17 Months

Anna turned 17 months old on Sunday.

Ever since my work location changed in mid-July, I have been spending less time with Anna. I don’t see her in the morning and when I get home at 3, we only have 4 hours together before she gets ready for bed. As much as I know how stressed and tired I will be after Baby B is born, I am looking forward to spending 24 weeks at home with Anna. I feel like I have been missing her growing up lately.

As I mentioned before, Anna has been a tough cookie to deal with this month. She’s just an opinionated toddler now. Getting her to eat a good amount food is still a battle. Sometimes I have to offer her the EXACT SAME FOOD in different ways before she will eat it. She wants to self-feed with a spoon. She wants to stab the food with the fork herself. She wants to use her hands. She wants us to feed her with chopsticks. This girl’s knows what she wants and it’s up to us to figure it out.

This month, Anna is getting into book again. I lay on my side on the floor and she lays on her tummy and we read together. Her vocabulary is increasing and often points to the pictures in the book and correctly identifies them. Of course, she still understands a lot more than she can speak so more often I will ask her “where is….?” and she is pretty accurate most of the time.

Just the other day, we were on a page with a bunch of animals and she got them all correctly. We were so proud! Since Anna gets a mix of Cantonese, Mandarin, and English daily, her verbal development may not be as far along as other tots, but I am sure she will be fine.

Off the top of my head, she knows and says: mama, baba, ball, go-go (dog), bird, cat, frog, flower, book, bubbles, cracker, cookie, wawa (water), cow, car, boat, paper, nose, neck, baby, fish, up, bee, bear, cup, no, diaper, and bye. I am sure I am missing a bunch more. These are the words she says on her own, but she repeats tons of others after us. I don’t count those as the words she knows, though. Then there are some that she doesn’t repeat after us, like clock and curtain, but she points to them when we say those words.

Hubby has been diligently teaching her colors and numbers, but she hasn’t caught up on them yet. I am trying to teach her shapes.

She loves to help. She puts stuff away when we ask her to. She carries grocery bags from the mudroom to the kitchen. When we come home, she takes our bags and…puts them somewhere. In the kitchen, she’s eager to help with stirring. I wish she never stops wanting to help, but I know better.

One of the many cute things she does I want to remember: If we are out shopping and I am the next aisle over, she will yell “MAAAAAAAAmaa!” Loud enough for everyone around her to hear. So cute. And just for the record, she only does that for me. :)

She's currently growing her top left molar.
On the day she turned 17 months, she was Miss Cranky Pants all morning and only took a 30-minute nap. But then her grandparents came over to visit and, surprisingly, she was in a happy mood for the rest of day. This was the picture I captured.


  1. Happy 17 months Anna! I forgot that she is only 3 months younger than my little L. I can relate to everything you've just said :)

  2. Omg I could just squish her little face! So adorable :p


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