A Post on Sleep

Shortly after Anna turned 1, she would wake up in the middle of the night – SCREAMING.

The quickest and easist way to appease her was to bring her to our bed. She would fall back to sleep within minutes and we could all sleep soundly (although it included some kicking in the face) till the morning. This continued for 3 months, but I didn’t mind, I liked having her in the bed with us…it was like making up for the time I am away from her during the day.

At her 15-month well check, her doctor asked about sleep and we told him. He nicely said that if we ever want to cut this habit, it would just be harder down the road. We nodded and ignored his comment for another month.

Just after Anna turned 16 months, my client moved to a new location. In order for me to be home by 3, it means getting up and leaving the house earlier. Since it would be impossible for me to get ready with Anna sleeping in the same room with us, we decided to leave her in the crib from then on.

(Besides, I was getting bigger and bigger and if we wanted Baby B to stay in the room with us for the first few months, it was time to kick Anna out.)

At first I thought we would have to endure through her screaming and crying for days on end, but so far, it has been going well!

The first 2-3 nights, when she woke up screaming, hubby parked himself on her bedroom floor, waited for her to fall back to sleep, and snuck out. I don’t think he ever had to do this more than twice a night. And no more than 30 minutes each time.

By the 4th night, screaming went down to whining at medium intensity and hubby stopped going in.

And since then, she still wakes up whining nearly every night and it wakes me up as well, but it usually lasts for less than a minute (or I just fall back to sleep before really knowing how long it lasts).

Our bed has been Anna-free for almost 2 weeks now! And I hope I didn’t just jinx everything by posting that.

Even though I miss having her in bed with us, it’s great that she’s sleeping on her own again.

We have been pretty lucky that we never had to sleep train Anna, but with that said, I am prepared for Baby B to be the exact opposite.


  1. I can remember having huge tantrums as a toddler but never knew why I was having them. Once I became a mother, I asked my mom about my tantrums. Turns out I was having them because my parents had decided to not let me sleep in their room at night in preparation for my little sister being born. I was older than 2 at the time though, so older than Anna. I'm still amazed that I remember having those tantrums though, not that it scarred me (since I never knew why I had them). But yay for Anna for already adjusting! And I bet she won't even remember it :)

  2. Well that was short lived. Right after this posting, Anna had some bad nites. But that's okay, I don't mind sleeping on the rug next to her crib. Just have to make sure I bring a pillow from now on.

  3. :( I hope she adjusts quickly. I remember not wanting to sleep in one of the rooms in the house I grew up it - it had the accessway to the attic in it - and I guess what might be hiding in the "unknown" spaces spooked me.


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