Our Weekend: Painting, Cookout, and Sort & Stack

I like to take Anna someplace new every weekend, but this past one was just too hot and humid to be out. So we spent it in and here is a recap of our lazy weekend.

Since she loved smearing paint on paper so much last time, I bought some paint supplies and re-created the fun at home. We tried with different tools, but, this time, what made her tickle was simply dipping her paintbrush in water and watching it change color.
Painting with Mama
Picasso at work
On Saturday, probably the hottest day of the year, we were crazy enough to host a cookout. We made burgers and they turned out quite yummy! It was our first time making burgers from scratch РI added salt, pepper, garlic powder, basil, and, haha, tofu to the ground beef. Hubby fried bacons and saut̩ed mushrooms as toppings. Then people built their own burgers with toppings and various condiments.

The food part was pretty good, but Anna was having an “off” day and we had to cut the evening short. We didn’t even get to the cheesecake that hubby made! Ah, the joy of having a psycho toddler. Luckily, I think our guests were understanding.

Happy one minute and a little terror the next.
Cooling Off

Burgers looked good, no?
Cookout #2
Yesterday we ran errands early in the morning and found this $4 toy at TJMaxx. I know all parents marvel at everything their kids do and we are no exception. I love watching Anna figuring things out on her own. I don’t know when kids are “supposed” to know how to sort by colors, but this was the first time Anna played with the toy and she figured it out on her own. It’s funny though, after she sorted and stacked everything correctly, she got creative and stacked the blocks all over the place.

Good thing I took this video.

stack & sort from sugarlens on Vimeo.


  1. Yeah, I was surprised how easily the picked this thing up. She had only spent about a minute or two grabbing this thing before she figured out the shapes and pegs. Guess we need to find something more interesting. At least Baby B will have another toy lined up.

  2. The burgers do look good! Mmmm...
    And way to go, Anna! You are one smart little girl!!:))

  3. What a little brainiac! You have every right to be proud. Anna's so awesome! :)

  4. Awww.. look at the little sweetheart!! I love that blue dress.. it is Anna's color!

    And look at that grin!! Both painting and playing in the spray!


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