the one where we forgot her shoes

I consider ourselves organized parents…which is why I couldn’t believe it when we forgot to bring Anna’s shoes this weekend when we went into DC. We were half way there when hubs asked, “We got everything right? Her shoes?” And I slapped the top of my forehead and went “Oh!” We didn’t want to waste time and turn back so we just made the best out of the situation. Luckily, our little walker didn’t mind being held almost the entire time.

We let her walk barefoot in front of the Capitol before heading inside to the U.S. Botanic Garden. I am sure Anna would have LOVED walking inside the garden because the plants and flowers were at her eye-level. Oh well, there is always next time. I think she still had fun pointing and screaming “flower” and “wawa” whenever she saw them, though.

It is a tradition of ours to get pho on the way back from DC and this Saturday was no exception. I like going there because Anna eats so well. She can slurp on those noodles all day long. And I don’t have to worry about lunch when we come back home. We just put her straight down for a nap and I get to nap too! It may be hot, but I enjoy our weekend trips.

More images from our trip here.


  1. Not sure why, but I can't even seem to get enough of the beautiful ladies in my life. Just wish we all had more time...

  2. Who needs shoes!? :) Looks like a fun getaway. And, I'm pretty jealous of, what sounds like, a very well behaved toddler at a restaurant?! Yes, very jealous. :)

  3. That very first photo is my favorite because 1) love the background and 2)I keep wondering how she didn't just fling herself into the fountain :p

    Fun trip and way to go, parents, for not letting a minor detail like missing shoes keep you from enjoying your trip.

  4. I can see and understand what Papa is saying.

    He's a lucky guy.

  5. @ Donya: This place is totally casual...think communal tables...and is loud. So Anna can bang on the table with chopsticks and we don't draw any attention. As for taking her to other restaurants, it's a toss-up. But I find that as long as she's distracted and she likes the food we order, it goes smoothly. Or as smoothly as it can be. Usually, one of us eats very fast while the other one feeds. And then the other one gets to eat. It's never easy I guess...


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