july 4th weekend

4th of July Weekend 2011
Hope everyone had a sparkling long weekend!

Ours was nice. We fired up the grill and hosted our very first bbq. It was also our very first time bbq-ing using our hand-me-down grill. It was also our very first time bbq-ing period. I am happy to report that the event wasn’t a disaster and everyone was full at the end…I hope. We had a very simple spread of corn-on-the-cob and chicken drumsticks & thighs. My mom brought noodles, potato salad, and watermelon. We also snacked on taro chips and ice cream sandwiches. It was a no fuss get-together and I hope to play hostess again soon.

The best thing about having people over is all the attention Anna gets. She’s still a bit reserved when it comes to people she doesn’t see daily, but at least she doesn’t cry at the sight of them anymore. So all in all, Anna had a great time, too.

The rest of the weekend was low-key, although it still wore us out. I fell asleep by 8 last night to the sound of fireworks outside of the window. Next year, maybe I will buy some sparklers so Anna can participate in the holiday. Then again, next year, we will have another kid in the picture so I may fall asleep by 7.
4th of July Weekend 2011
More images from our 4th of July Weekend here.


  1. Save for the heat and humidity, it was a great weekend. Oh yeah, can't forget about the bugs. They left us alone during the bbq, but at the park, they were out for blood. Now if only the rest of the summer can go this smoothly...

  2. Whoaaaaaaaaa! That's a high flying Anna!!

    Sounds like you had a good time!


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