Head to Toe

Haha, if this is hubby with just one kid, I wonder how he’s going to handle two?

And if this is the state of our house with just one kid, what is it going to be like with another?
On another note: Anna is learning to identify body parts. She can identify her toes, fingers, teeth, ears, head, hair, and belly button correctly most of the time. Some of them she understands in Chinese (I teach her in Mandarin and Grandma teaches her in Cantonese). Some she understands in English. Some she understands in both. It’s an ambitious goal of mine for Anna to be bilingual, but that means it's up to me to get better at speaking to her in Chinese!

I cringe at the sound of my voice in videos, but here is Anna identifying her body parts. Fast forward to 30 seconds...

Head to Toe from sugarlens on Vimeo.


  1. Haha! Poor daddy is so tired out! :)
    And well done, little Anna! You are one fast learner! :))

  2. LOL he is KNOCKED OUT! Isn't he supposed to be wearing the kid out? And how sweet of you to post these photos for all the world to see :p

  3. Is Mandarin anything like Cantonese? Which language is used in writing?

    Anna will be brilliant know those languages!

    I think Luke needs some caffiene... LOL!

  4. Oh my gosh, that's the cutest thing! I really wish I was bilingual. That's so amazing how much Anna already knows in both languages :)

  5. We are also teaching Sasha both languages - Russian and English at the same time. During the week she gets mostly Russian from me and her sitter, and on the weekends (and evenings) it's all English while Daddy is around.
    So far she is doing pretty well - she is bilingual. She speaks a lot more Russian words, but she understands everything. If you want to compare notes on this sometime, gimme a shout!


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