finally, captured on videos!

Twice a week, Grandma takes Anna to the play area inside the mall.

Now we have taken Anna there many times, but they were always on busy Saturday and Sunday afternoons...when the place is filled to the brim with energic bigger kids. So whenever we went, Anna never played and I always had to be right next to her for her to even want to explore. I remember the very first few times we went and saw her clinging to us the entire time....we were so disappointed. :(

But, Grandma takes her early on weekday mornings, around 9:30am, when there are only a handful of kids around. And she always comes back with cool stories of Anna running around, interacting with other kids, and having fun. We always enjoy those stories with big grins and say in amazement, "Really??"

But it would be nice to see it in person.
(My mom and I actually took Anna there once on a Saturday morning and I saw a little bit of it already...but nothing like these videos.)

Yesterday hubby went with Anna and Grandma to the mall and captured it all on 2 videos. We watched them like 5 times together last night and I will be playing them over and over during my lunch break today. :)

(love how she went "weeeeeee!" the second time she slid down)

Anna's Playhouse from sugarlens on Vimeo.

something about slides from sugarlens on Vimeo.


  1. Oh how sweet - she really does love slides! She can really scamper around too! She'll be running 5K races soon!

  2. This is the cutest thing. She's so smart! I can't believe she's already running around and climbing slides already. I have to admit, I kept thinking, "Oh no, watch out, don't fall!" I'm totally going to want to wrap my babies in bubble wrap :/

  3. And your hubby sounds so happy and encouraging!

  4. Wow...She is progressing so quickly! :)


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