Anna - 16 Months

Anna is 16 months old!

She has her share of temper tantrums, but overall, she’s still a sweet, silly little girl. She loves to smile and laugh. I can’t get enough of her.

When she’s in the mood, she can keep herself entertained for a while – which is great! But most of the time though, she still wants the company of us – which is also great! The only problem is when we are both busy and she wants attention, she will grab our legs and whine. Hubs is very good at talking to her to calm her down, though.

Anna is in the throwing phase. She throws everything in sight. At us, at the dogs. It’s a battle of ours to get her to stop throwing the wrong things. On the other hand, she listens when we tell her to pick up. She loves to help and claps for herself.

This month, she is less into her books, but continues to love her blocks. She is also good at stacking now. She can stack her blocks and boxes up high. However, there is nothing more fun than knocking them all down. She bursts into laughter whenever she does this. We also just recently discovered that she knows how to play her shape sorter correctly and does well with her animal puzzle.

Grandma tells us that Anna waves at people now whenever they go to the mall play area. It’s so nice to hear that she’s becoming more social. She has come a loooong way.

Anna is still speaking only a handful of words (her newest are fish, cow, and car), but her understanding of commands is amazing.

On the eating front...not much has changed since 15-months, but I *think* her appetite is growing. She eats lots of fruits and prefers noodles over rice.

On the sleeping front...she goes down around 7:30pm, comes to sleep with us sometime during the night, and wakes up around 6:30am with the cutest bed hair. We may be asking for trouble with this co-sleeping thing, but we will deal with it when the time comes. I just love snuggling with her.

Oh, and her two first molars have popped.

I can't believe in 4 months, she won't be the only child anymore. It's such a bittersweet moment for me, but I also think she will be great with her little brother.
16 Months Old
On her 16-months birthday, we were dealing with a flooded basement and a sick dog...I took this picture in a hurry.


  1. Hmmm... thats a very interesting facial expression Anna has there....

    Hope the doggy is feeling better.

  2. She's Got The LookJuly 19, 2011 at 8:45 AM

    Agreed, that look spells trouble on multiple levels. Heaven, save us when this little thing learns to use her cuteness for evil.

  3. @ Intense Guy: Dogs are such resilient animals. Pesto made it through - without trips to the vet! He's back to his old stuff (read: annoyingly following us and begging for food).


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