weekend snapshots

baby pool time
Meadow Lane Park
Museum of Natural History
This weekend felt extra long because I worked half day on Friday.

We did no housework and just hung out as a family the entire time.

I took a nap on both days.

Why can't all weekends all be like this?

+ Splashing in her private pool.
+ Subs from a local Italian sandwich shop. Cupcakes from a newly discovered cupcakery. Just another lazy afternoon at the playground.
+ Miss. A’s first visit to a museum. Her pick? Museum of Natural History.

More images from Meadow Lane Park and the museum.


  1. Oh goodness! That photo of Anna in the pool is worth a gazillion bucks! :)

  2. what I wouldn't give to have a pool like that at home. And I love seeing Anna out and about, walking, running and being active. Over here, you'll see these old kids still being pushed around. Get up and walk already! Get some exercise!

  3. @ Dorkys: I noticed that too and I told my husband that I hope Anna will continue to like/want to walk when she's older.


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