weekend outings

This weekend we took Anna on two little trips.

// She was a bit apprehensive at first, but eventually warmed up to the water jets and had lots of fun getting wet. We then dined outside on some Potbelly sandwiches.
just happy
splashy splashy
// Our first farm experience was hilarious. Haha, you know those kids who walk behind their parents, whining and complaining about being out? Well, that was Anna at the farm. She was hot and miserable, dragged her feet behind while we walked in front of her. At one point, hubby and I looked back and just had a good laugh watching her. Too funny. She’s such a little person now. Still, she made us proud - just marched on and no meltdown whatsoever.

Then inside the barn, she gagged four times because it was so smelly. Hmmm...I wonder what does it say about us as parents to have a laugh at her expense first before chauffeuring her out of there?
Frying Pan Farm Park
We saw goats, pigs, horses, peacocks, chickens, and sheep, and cows. Hubby petted a sheep, Anna almost did, too.
Farm Animals
Frying Pan Farm Park
Frying Pan Farm Park
It was a pretty good weekend! We got to spend lots of time together.


  1. It amazes me daily at how much more of a person they become at this age. So funny. LOVE that last picture. Looks like you had a fabulous weekend!

  2. Hot, need new shoes. Need a pool. Animals stink, not like doggies at home. I like balloons.

  3. I always enjoy Anna's smile - and those pictures of the farm look wonderful. :)


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