Taiwanese-Style Fried Pork Tenderloin

Taiwanese Style Pork Chops
I made these fried pork tenderloins last night and they were crispy and pretty delicious, so I am here to share how I made them.

//The Night Before
Slice pork tenderloin into thin slices.
With the back of a butcher knife, pound the slices to make them even flatter. I placed the slices between saran wrap to avoid splatter or mess.
In an airtight container, marinate the pork in light soy sauce, rice wine, minced garlic, Chinese 5-spice powder, and salt & pepper powder (available at Asian grocery stores).
Let it sit in fridge overnight.

//The Day Of
Place flour, beaten eggs (I used 2), and sweet potato starch in three separate shallow bowls.
Dip both sides of pork slices into the above ingredients in the following order: flour - egg mixture - sweet potato starch.
Heat cooking oil in a pan and cook over medium-high heat until it turns gold brown.
While hot, sprinkle with more salt & pepper power and offer some to your toddler!

You can eat them with rice with a side of veggies (which was what hubby did) or with noodle soup (which was what I did). Or make a sandwich. The point is – however you want to eat it, it is gooooood!

Note. I’ve made two other dishes with pork chops/tenderloins in the past - Chinese-Style Fried Pork Chops and Deep Fried Pork Cutlets. You will notice that these dishes, along with this Taiwanese-Style Fried Pork Tenderloin all have very similar ingredients. The difference with this Taiwanese-Style one is the salt & pepper powder, which is what I grew up with living in Taiwan. Having this particular ingredient is what makes it "Taiwanese" for me.


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