play kitchen! (& a slight re-arrangement of the family room)

Yay, we now have a play kitchen!

Few weekends ago, when I asked hubby’s sister about play kitchens, she said, “Oh, take ours!” I clapped happily.

The original plan was to put the kitchen in the basement, and therefore creating a play area in the man-cave. This was probably the reason why hubby was in a hurry to paint the basement over the long weekend – to get it ready for Anna’s new toy.

Well, after moving the new toy into the basement on Saturday, hubby took one look and said, “No way.” Apparently, the pastel-colored kitchen ruined the "sophistication of the basement." His words.

And that’s why we did a little re-arrangement of our family room after the big cabinet project on Sunday.
I wish I took a ‘before’ picture, but Anna was demanding attention so I didn’t get a chance. But in a nutshell, we basically took away the pack n’ play that sat in the corner and replaced it with the kitchen. We were no longer using the changing table on the pack n’ play and it was just serving as a place to hold Anna’s diapers, clothes, blankets, etc. So I pared down all her stuff and, lo and behold, they all fit in those pink and yellow storage boxes*. Of the four boxes, one actually still sits empty and one holds her toys. Haha, this is just to prove how much junk we had stored in the pack n’ play.

Note: The family room isn't always this tidy during daytime, but it is before my head hits the pillow at night. But I wanted to take the pictures in natural light so I cleaned the room and snapped some pictures in record time before the baby mania messes up again.

Anna doesn't really play with the kitchen just yet though. Usually, she just takes the play food, runs around with them, and hands them to people.
A close up - I love it that it is made out of wood.
These are just 4% of the play food that we inherited.
Because we lost a place to hold the diapers, lotion, etc, they now sit on top of the bookcase. Diapers and wipes are in the wicker basket and I need to remember to replace those full size bottles of lotion and baby powder with smaller ones.
So the play kitchen wasn't suppose to live in the family room, but I am kind of glad it worked out that way. I am sure we will get more use out of it when it sits where we hang out most of the time.

Whew! It had been two very busy weekends filled with house-related projects. As much as I love all these productivity, I told hubby that we need to just take a weekend off and devote all our attention to Anna. Hope this upcoming weekend will be it.

* Can I just gosh about those pink and yellow storage boxes? They are heavy duty and opens from the top AND side. So convenient.


  1. :)

    I can see how that kitchen would "mess up" the man cave decor... LOL!

    She's too cute, handing out the food items...

  2. Why in the world does such a "toy" exist is beyond me. What's so fun about a kitchen?!


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