I really love our house. It has my definition of a perfect layout. A separate formal living and dining area, but the place where we spend most of our time (kitchen, breakfast nook, and family room) is open and connected.

But there were these two cabinets that sort of blocked the openness.

See what I mean?
kitchen with the cabinets
Hubby wanted to remove them from day one, but I was against it initially because I didn’t want to lose storage space. Eventually, I came to realize that some of the stuff in those cabinets were things not being used at all.

For example, one cabinet was filled to the brim with Anna’s plates, bowls, sippy cups, and utensils. Did she really need all those? I recall her using the same one bowl, plate, cup, and spoon every day. So I boxed up the stuff she doesn’t use (some even still in its original packaging) and down it went to the basement. As for other things (vases, paper towels, a couple bottles of wine (which I don’t know why we bother keeping them since neither one of us appreciates wine), etc), I found space in other cabinets for them.

So this weekend, hubby and his dad got to work while Anna supervised. To put it simply, first they removed the cabinets, then installed recessed lights, and finally finished the job with a coat of paint. It took one afternoon and the next morning.
And this is how it is looking today. I like it!
kitchen without the cabinets
As I said, I love our house. We have no plans to upgrade to a bigger/newer house as long as we live in the area so it's nice to make improvements to suit our style. Eventually, we would like to turn the screen-in porch into part of the family room, but that may be a couple more years down the road. In the meantime, we are just enjoying this new openess. It acually makes our house feel bigger without adding any square footage. It's amazing what knocking down two cabinets can do.


  1. What a great transformation! Makes a ton of difference.

  2. Wow! Luke and Pop Incorporated do awesome work!

    And what a nice transformation!

  3. Your FIL is really handy! Love the new look! :)

  4. I see Anna is doing her fair share of running around! ;)

  5. Nice! This is almost identical to my parents house!


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