Her First Masterpiece

I took Anna to an arts & craft playdate today. It was our first one ever.

I wasn't sure how she would do - would she try or just cling onto me the whole time? I was thinking the latter and almost bailed. But it's important for her to see kids her age so off we went.

When we got there, I learned the project was to paint tiny terracotta flower pots. Anna dabbles with crayons and chalk all the time, but it was her first time with paint and using a BRUSH!

As expected, she made a huge mess. Of the table, of herself, of me. Strangely, I was the only mom covered in paint.

She insisted on doing everything herself and if I tried to guide her, she jerked away and paint splattered everywhere. So I just sat back and let her be.
Even after the pot was covered in paint, she still wasn't ready to stop. So she started painting on a piece of paper.
This now hangs on the fridge. Anna first masterpiece.
We both had a great time! Anna experienced something new and I got to talk to other moms. Too bad opportunities like this come few and far in between for working moms. But now I kind of want to buy Anna a bunch of paint, an easel, and a smock so we can have our own art class at home.


  1. Oh my goodness!! LOL!! Wow! She really made a mess! Err.. let's make that, "spread the paint around!"

    That last piece of art might some day hang in MOMA! (so hang on to it!)

  2. Ha, I love how the mess just gets progressively larger in each photo.
    I hate my irregular work schedule most of the time, but I forget to be thankful for the opportunities it does give me to hang out with the stay at home moms once in awhile. It's so invaluable to talk with other moms!

  3. Uh oh, this is dangerous stuff. I believe you have just set our daughter down a dark and messy bath. Our house walls will weep in silence for years to come...


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