Baby B! Coming Soon!

Hey, guess what, we are expecting Baby B this fall! Nov 26 is the exact due date, but since Baby A was a few days early, we might very well be having a Thanksgiving baby! I am 16 weeks pregnant tomorrow.

With Baby A, I wrote weekly private posts before I made the announcement and published them. I knew I wasn’t going to be able to keep up with weekly updates with this pregnancy so I didn’t even try. However, I do want to play catch up in the form of Q&A.

When did you find out?

We found out on 3/29. After playing with Anna in her room, we were all heading downstairs. As I passed by the linen closet, I asked hubs, “Hey, should I take a pregnancy test?” I was a few days late, but didn’t think anything of it because I have always had very irregular cycles. I remember hubby responded, “Sure, why not? You got tons anyway.” (Just to clarify: I bought 25 test strips online while trying to get pregnant with Baby A. I used three. These were the leftovers - nearly expired, too.)

I grabbed one and went to the bathroom as Anna and hubby went downstairs. The two pink lines popped up SO fast, I couldn't believe it. I ran downstairs yelling, “Pregnant!” Hubby had a big smile on his face and Anna looked confused.

My first thought: Oh man, I am not ready to be pregnant again.
My second thought: How am I going to take care of Anna with a big tummy?

I tossed and turned that night. I kept on thinking, what are we going to do with Anna when I go to the hospital to deliver?

Milestones so far.

3/29 - Positive pregnancy test
4/14 - First prenantal appointment. Saw Baby B and heartbeat.
5/12 - Second prenantal appointment. Heard heartbeat through a doppler.
5/13 - First Trimester Screen. Everything looks great!
6/9 - Third prenatal appointment. Still looking good!

How are you feeling?

Maybe it is all psychological, but as soon as the test came back positive, I started experiencing pregnancy symptoms. I have all the symptoms I experienced with Baby A, except no acne this time. I feel a bit of nauseous and lots of fatigue, but no complaints really. As long as the baby is growing and doing well, it is all good.

So, was it planned?

Sort of. I planned to get pregnant sometime this year (June at the earliest), but to actually give birth in 2012. As I said, I have irregular cycles so I didn't expect to get pregnant easily, and especially since I had just started back up on my cycles in January (after cutting back pumping to twice a day). Well, I proved myself wrong.

So there was a plan....we are just 4 months ahead of it....but so happy about this early addition to the family.

I still have anxieties about having two kids under two, though, but I am SO excited that Anna and her sibling will just be 20 months apart. Which is why…

Boy or Girl?

Like all mothers-to-be, a healthy baby is priority, but I want another girl juuuuuuuust a teeny bit more. I think it would be awesome to have two girls close in age and grow up to be friends. But since I already have Anna, I would be okay with a boy too. :) Either way, we find out in 3 weeks!

Are you showing?

I have definitely popped and not just recently either. I started wearing maternity pants at 10 weeks and then tops at almost 13 weeks. It’s true, you start showing sooner after the first pregnancy.

See for yourself.
Baby B
Will you take another 24 weeks off?

That’s the plan. I will be home all through the holiday season and beyond Anna’s second birthday. It will be crazy times, but I can’t wait.

Is Baby B's first name going to start with a B?

Nope. We already have a girl name picked out and a few boy name contenders. None of them starts with a B.

I think that’s it for now. Now that the cat is out of the bag, I am going to try to blog more about the pregnancy for my own recording keeping and other fun stuff such as getting Anna’s big girl bedroom ready. It's already painted!


  1. Oh my gosh, Joyce! Such exciting news!!! So happy for you. Anna is going to be such a great big sister. And while having two under two will be tough at times, I bet there will be a million more times that it is awesome. Can't wait to find out the sex!

  2. OMG Congrats! Welcome Baby B! Anna will be an awesome big sis.

  3. Wow congratulations, Joyce!! This is so exciting! Time to prep little Anna in becoming a big sister! :)

  4. Contrats to you, Joyce/Luke !!!
    Our little big sister Anna might give a little help then...


  5. Congratulations!! What happy news!
    I hope you get that 2nd girl, too ;)

  6. Wow, congratulations! How did you manage to keep this secret for so long?! =) I can't wait to see pictures of Baby B.

  7. Congrats!! :) You bring joy into to this world...

    I can see big sister always having a protective arm around her little sibling... she just seems to be that sort of girl.

  8. Congratulations!! This is such great news. Sorry I'm a bit tardy to the party, but I'm super happy for you guys. I can't wait til Anna gets to interact with her little sib.


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