Baba's Day

Baba's Day Card 2011
Baba's Day Card 2011
I can't believe hubs has already celebrated his 2nd father's day. Last year we were both newbies at this whole parenting thing... Now he is a seasoned dad who works hard and spends his free time entertaining his favorite magic monkey.

For example, just last night I could hear the two of them laughing in the bathtub all the way from downstairs. Made me smile too even though I had no idea what those two were up to.

I love how much Anna adores her Baba and I can see hubby feels the same way. And that is the best thing in the world to see!
Anna and I had a little craft afternoon one day last week. I worked and she played with ribbons. I think photo cards (omg, can't believe how tiny Anna was!) will be our tradition from now on. They are so easy and cheap. This one was twenty cents to make.


  1. Happy Babas day Luke!!

    :) wow! has it been that long already? two fathers days? Time really flies!

  2. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine being a father to this little bouncy girl would be so rewarding. Now if only we could become filthy rich so that I can stay home with her all the time instead of grinding stone for the Man.


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