Anna's Big Girl Room, the Beginning

Anna will be moving into her big girl room once Baby B arrives. Although, to make sure the arrival of Baby B doesn’t disrupt her life completely, we will probably have Baby B sleep with us in our room for the first 3-4 months while Anna stays in her crib. Then after that, we will slowly make the transition. Of course, after Baby B is born, I suspect hectic times ahead so we plan to have Anna’s new room set up before Thanksgiving.
Anna's Big Girl Room - In Progress
We started off with a blank slate. We didn’t have any furniture in the room so painting was pretty straight forward. We opted to keep it simple and used the same color as our family room – a muted purple and pinkish color.

After curtains were hung and ceiling fan was installed, this is what the room looks like today...or as of two weeks ago.
I am not at all good at interior decorating so after hubs passed the baton to me, progress has stopped. I know the room at a minimum needs a bed, a nightstand, and maybe a dresser. But I also want to create a little reading nook so I will need to find shelves/bookcase. Then I want to put up hooks to keep things off the floor. And wall art to make the room pretty.

And the cheapskate in me want to find those things as cheaply as possible.

I am 95% sure that we will go with this bed. I like the clean lines and the price. Even though I think the bed may be a little too high for Anna at first, I don’t like the ones that sit on/very low to the ground. I figure a safety rail and steps will solve the problem.

And really, that’s all the updates I have on Anna’s room. Yes, I better get my act together soon.


  1. Such a nice bright room - I'm sure she will love growing up in it.

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