Anna - 15 Months

15 Months
15 Months
Anna is 15 months old.

Instead of going over her sleeping, eating, and other stats, I thought I would tell a story.

The other night after dinner, we all went to the playground. Usually whenever we visit, we stick to Anna's two favorite things - the slide and the swing. She never walked or climbed the obstacle courses.

That night was the first time we decided to let her try walking the obstacle courses. Like always, Anna was cautious. She hesitated and looked at us for assistance, which we happily provided. But within 10 minutes, she went from us guiding her through a “baby” obstacle course to a “big-kid” one, leading the way with curiosity.

And that’s my girl. She’s cautious. She’s an observer. But give her time, she gains confidence and shows her true personality. Here is hoping she continues this in life.

Love you Anna bear!

(Hehe, hubby said this outfit makes Anna look like a retired old lady. I agree.)

15 Months from sugarlens on Vimeo.


  1. Way to go, Anna! You're getting so big. Congrats on figuring out the obstacle course and challenging yourself :)

  2. Simply the best and so much fun.

  3. :) I like the big flower shirt! It makes her look mature! Soon she will be playing all sorts of music! She's so smart!


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