So, how was your long weekend?

Ours was exhausting and full, but we got a lot done around the house. Hubby spent a lot of all 3 days in the basement –painting, moving, and rearranging. He did all on his own since I had to watch the baby. And when he wasn’t in the basement, he was doing yard work and washing & vacuuming a very dirty car. So while he was busy with housework, I was also busy with entertaining the baby on my own.

We did manage to squeeze in some family time. Saturday morning we went to a very fancy playground nearby. The entire place is rainbow-colored and ground surfaces are covered in rubber type material. Alas, I think Anna was too young to appreciate the park. Or maybe it was because of the heat or being overtired, but she was cranky pretty much the entire time (see pictures here (she went on her first carousel ride!) and here).

Except for the swings. Oh how she enjoyed them.
Sunday morning my parents came over to keep me company while hubby retreated to the basement, continued to slave away. Then in the afternoon, we all (including the dogs) went to hubby’s parents’ house for a big family dinner. We brought home tons of leftovers and I didn’t have to cook for the remainder of the weekend. It was great for Anna to be out and about.

We ran errands first thing on Monday morning, but somehow didn’t get home until well after 11. Then it was more work for the hubs. Anna and I spent the afternoon hanging out indoors since it was in the upper 90s and no breeze.

And that was our weekend in a nutshell. Busy, busy, busy. The good news is that the basement is almost done (just few more things to box away). I am excited about the new play space that we are creating for Anna in the basement. It used to just be hub’s man-cave, but as the weather gets warmer, the basement is the place to cool off. I bet Anna will enjoy spending time down there once she sees what we’ve got planned for her.
That dress? $1.50 from Old Navy. Love.


  1. Wow..$1.50 is really good value and she looks so cute in that dress! Love how she is holding on to the hose like she is really washing the car! ;)

  2. Hey, I know that playground! My kids love that place and I did a photoshoot with toddler there. We have to make it back there again. Anna is too cute! I love old navy mainly because you can get some really good deals there.

  3. :) Anna does have a "Oh! I love this ride!" while sitting in the swing chair!!

    She's so cute in that dress helping daddy wash the car!

  4. Wow, the boys and I were at the same park that afternoon! We should get together sometime soon:) Love your pictures.


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