snapshots: big girl in the making

I can’t believe how grown up Anna seems now.
Here she is walking Pargo and "drawing" on the driveway.
I am afraid that if I blink again, I will find her learning to drive or sneaking out from her bedroom window.


  1. It really is all happening too fast, isn't it? I just can't stop remembering what things were like this time last year. Crying infant, waking up in the middle of the night, laying on the floor with an immobile little person. It's so crazy how big they are now!

  2. :) She is adorable walking Pargo. And I guess before you know it, she will be giving you some white hairs while someone teachs her how to drive. Maybe you and Luke could start discussing who *that* lucky instructor is going to be ... now, before it springs up on you?


  3. Not so fast, she needs to master her little tricycle before moving behind a steering wheel. But yes, time is on warp speed these days...


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