one small change

forward-facing, baby!
I know AAP recommends keeping car seats rear-facing until age 2, but we went ahead and broke that “rule” this weekend.

You see, Anna hates being confined to her car seat. I can’t remember the last time a car trip was made without her twisting and fussing, wanting to get out.

But – oh my! – now that the car seat is forward facing and installed on the side (instead of the center like before), this little lady actually tolerates car rides and even I have room to wiggle. Going to places is a whole new experience without constantly having to entertain her. Plus, now, she can look outside, chat with Papa, and stretch her legs.

Best decision ever.
But I know, we will have to be even more cautious on the road now.

We want to plan a family vacation for later this summer, but I was wary about the 5-hour drive. We will have to do a couple more test runs, but maybe it’s time I finally book it!


  1. Yup, this rearrangement was brought on by some other upcoming changes later this year. So we'll be needing the extra room!

  2. *peers at what passengers commented and ponders... other upcoming changes?


  3. We broke the "rule" too and Ephram loves being able to see what's going on in front of us. He also dislikes sitting backwards in carts at the grocery store, and going down the stairs backwards. He's a 'face the world head on' kind of boy I guess!


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