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DC 21May11
The first time we went into DC, Anna was 18 weeks, strapped to hubby’s chest. This time, she’s a running toddler, making us chase after her. I used to think it’s comical to put a leash on your kid like you do to a dog, but ha, now I completely understand. Not that I am planning on putting a leash on Anna or anything. It’s great to watch her explore and run off. It’s what toddlers do, right?

So…the other day, we decided to drive into DC. We parked near The Mall and went passed the Washington Monument and to the WWII Memorial. We wanted to go as far as the Lincoln Memorial, but there was too much construction going on near the Reflection Pool. The walk was fun and good, but the real gem was when we found a little water jet and a wading pool (made just for Anna) at the Smithsonian Information Center. It was too much fun watching her splash and get wet. She even attracted an audience. :)

A perfect end to our visit!
DC 21May11
More images from the trip here.


  1. Super like! :) Such a joy to see you having so much fun as a family!

  2. I can see why that smiling, giggling, happy little child would attract an audience. :)

    She's so cute - that smile must light up your world.

  3. The Wandering ToddlerMay 24, 2011 at 10:29 AM

    Still can't believe how much she has opened up over the past two months. Her shyness has completely melted away and all that's left is a super curious and super adventurous little girl. We think that's a good thing...


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