Anna - 14 Months

my yellow ball
Anna is (after 2 more days) 14 months old! If all babies are this easy, I want to have 20 more! Haha.

It just keeps on getting better and better. She’s so much fun to be around and not old enough to talk back…although she tries.

People ask me about Anna, and because I don’t want to bore them, I just respond, “She’s doing well. Happy and giggly all the time.”

But truthfully, there is so much more to say about her.

What does she say?
She says – “Baba”, “Mama”, “Go-Ga” for anything that moves, “ball” for anything round like balloons and the moon, "flower" when she sees them, and “milk” in Chinese.

She repeats – “paper” and “baby”.

She can also follow some verbal instructions – “bring me a book”, “pick up this {while pointing to an object} and put it there {while pointing to where to put it} ”, “come here”, "clap hands", "put it back", "brush hair", and "turn the page" to name a few. I am sure I am forgetting a bunch, though.

When we tell her it’s time for a bath in Chinese, she says “wawa”.

How does she eat?
I consider Anna an average eater. Lately she has been drinking 22 oz of milk a day and eating 3 solid meals. We also give her lots of prune juice to help with her digestive system.

She loves rice porridge, noodles, broccoli, CARROTS, apple sauce, strawberries, grapes, and wonton soup. Oh, and omg, she LOVES Keebler fudge cookies.

She’s learning to use a spoon.

How many teeth?
She has 5 teeth - 3 top, 2 bottom. I can see more on the way.

How does she sleep?
She sleeps from 7:30 at night to 5:30 – 6:00 in the morning. She takes two 1-hour naps a day. Sometimes on the weekends, she gets by with just 1 nap.
new face
At this stage, she has a few weird habits.

Weird habit #1
I have a plate full of strawberries, ready to feed her. I pick one up and offer it to her. She refuses and points at the plate. I offer her the plate of strawberries and she happily picks one up, hands it over to me, and I feed her that particular piece. After one bite, she decides she wants a different strawberry and the whole thing starts all over.

Along the same line, when I put food in the spoon to feed her, she refuses it. I then distract her by giving her a piece of carrot to fiddle with and offer her the same food on the spoon again. This time, she happily opens her mouth and then she feeds herself that carrot afterwards.

Also along the same line, sometimes she just doesn’t want to drink from a straw, but putting the same content in a water bottle, she sips everything down.

Weird Habit #2
Maybe not a “weird” habit, but she will randomly lay her whole body, face flat, on the floor as if she's exhausted. SO CUTE. Whenever she does that, we usually lay (gently, of course!) on top of her. And she giggles.

Weird Habit #3
Another maybe not a “weird” habit, but whenever hubby is laying on the floor, she will climb up on top of his back. And they will proceed to play rough where hubby wiggles his body up/down/sideways. Anna falls, laughs, and gets right back on.

Weird Habit #4
After a full meal, we need to be careful about giving her reasons to cry or laugh very hard. Because when she does either, she throws everything up. VERY frustrating for all involved.


  1. You know, she gets all those weird habits from your side of the family.

  2. Weird Habit #1 is something Ephram sort of does as well. I suppose it's got something to do with starting to show their opinions. Ephram doesn't like water in his sippy cups, only milk and juice, but he'll drink an entire bottle of water if he drinks it from MY water bottle. Toddlers...

  3. When I see photos of little girls, sometimes, I miss the days when my daughters were little. But they're in college now and they don't take kindly to hugging and kissing anymore...


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