planting anna's tree - 4.24.11

We had a very fun and happy weekend that included planting Anna’s tree – a Japanese Maple!

Am so excited to watch it grow.
planting maple
Photo #1 with Maple Tree


  1. I hope it grows straight and strong - like Anna!

  2. Can't wait to watch that little tree grow. We'll keep it pruned down so it stays small, the idea is for it to remain the same proportion to Anna for all the years to come.

  3. Hmm, a Japanese maple, eh? Wonder where you got that idea....:)

  4. @ Irena: We actually wanted a cherry tree, but Luke's parents have two maple trees that they didn't have room for in their yard. Free? We will take it! We've always loved maple trees, too.

  5. Say what, is Irena implying that she had something to do with this? Well let me set that straight real quick! I've liked little Japanese maple trees ever since I saw one at my sister's roundabout/driveway over 10 years ago. Then our little apartment had one planted out in front of the mailbox hut. For some reason though, both those trees got scrapped when they decided to do some renovations.

    So now we have our very own in the front and back. Of course, we've got no plans to bin these babies! Sure, a cheery tree or dogwood would've been nice in the back, but these two little babies will do. Especially at that price.


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