my Spring post

signs of spring
I am seeing a slew of Spring-ish posts around the blogosphere and I thought I would join the fun with some pictures of our garden.

With this being our first Spring at our new house - it is especially exciting because we get to be surprised by whatever magically decides to pop up around the house – and we finally get to see what our property looks like "in full bloom".

The daffodils have been around for weeks now.
Tulips are next.
baby green thumb
In addition to the tulips that came with the house, we planted some more this past weekend. It was Anna's first gardening experience. I think after I took this picture, she wandered away. :)


  1. I hope I planted those bulbs deep enough. I don't think I did though, so they may not survive this coming winter. Either way, Anna will have more flowers to look at as she wanders around the yard this spring.

    I just wish those damn birds would leave the grass seeds alone, those lil bastards...

  2. Weather on our side has been pretty sucky! Hopefully it will improve soon!

  3. Anna is clearly supervising the gardener. :)

    And yay! the flowers and trees are blooming!


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