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It’s been a while since I’ve gushed about Anna’s latest antics. She is almost 13 months old. Pretty nuts. Walking Running everywhere these days.

She loves the dogs, especially Pesto since he’s just more interactive with her. But she squats next to both of them and have conversations, sometimes complete with hand gestures – it’s the cutest thing. She also holds Pesto’s toy up to him and play a game of tug-of-war. Sometimes we just sit back and let Pesto be the entertainer for a while.

Anna clearly knows “mama”, “baba”, and “go-ga” for the dogs. Over the weekend she repeated “wawa” (water) and “pai-pa” (paper) after us. She’s also starting to put two different sounds together to form words. I have a feeling she is going to be a sponge and learn new words quickly.

She can drink easily from her straw cups, but only for juice.

She’s developing a sense of humor. I will try to describe it here. She holds a piece of food between her fingers, opens her mouth, and brings the food towards her month. But before the food reaches her month, she jerks back and closes her mouth dramatically. She will do that several times in a row. We laugh at her and when she sees that, she laughs back and does it some more. Haha, so goofy. Oh, she also loves to feed us.

We can spend 10 minutes emptying out her Mega Blocks container and putting them -one by one - back inside.

It’s a daily habit of hers to grab her shoes and wanting to go outside. Too bad it has been cold and cloudy. But, this weekend…

sunshine finally broke through and we took her to our favorite garden. She loved it! Walking and giggling and just overall having lots of fun.
IMG_6267 cherry blossoms willow tree


  1. Can't wait to head back there on a warmer day. There should be more flowers by then as well. Then again, Anna has her own little garden out front that she can play in.

  2. Is this the baby I held in my arms last year?

    Amazing !!

    Loving you Anna !!


  3. @ Ann: Yup, same baby, no tricks. She will be 18 soon, so you better come visit!

  4. She is really blossoming like the flowers.

    I love that photograph of her on the bridge in front of the Weeping Willow tree..

    No cherry blossoms here yet... only 90 miles north of you.

  5. That top looks familiar! ;) Nice to see her having so much fun! :)

  6. @ knickknacks: Haha, it's one of our fav sweaters! Thank you!


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