Cruisin', Part III

In Belize, we opted to take a snorkeling excursion through a local tour company. The excursion included a 45-minute boat ride to some coral reef (in the middle of the ocean) and then an 1.5-hour of relaxation at a private beach/island. Sounded good and we even haggled down the price!

Well…this turned out to be the most awful experience ever. The one-hour wait for the excursion to start ended up being TWO hours because the tour company waited (and waited and waited) to get more customers. It made sense – to fill up the boat in full capacity to get the maximum return – but I was one angry customer. The smiles in the following picture? Probably fake.

Once we finally got on the boat, it was a choppy ride to the coral reef and that was when I realized that it was not a good snorkeling day. I was right. The water was muddy, waves were strong, and we hardly saw any fish. Oh, and to top it all off, we lost our drivers license somewhere along the trip.

snorkeling in Belize from sugarlens on Vimeo.

After the snorkeling part of the excursion, I was ready to just get back on the cruise boat, but was forced to spend another 1.5 hours “relaxing” on some private island. I sat on the lounge chair the whole time. Worst. Excursion. Ever. Grrrrr. (Hubby was still happy and went to snorkel even more.)

I wanted to see a Mayan ruins in Cozumel and we did just that. Instead of going to the more popular one in Tulum, though, we just settled for a smaller one nearby. I believe it was at the San Gervasio archeological site. Our local tour guide was nice and even drove us around downtown Cozumel.

After 4 days of port, we spent another day at sea before returning to Miami. By then, we were itchy to get off the boat and go home to Anna!

Finally we disembarked and got to the airport. It was a happy surprise when we got on an earlier flight home!
So I know I probably made it sound like I didn't enjoy the cruise at all. Not true. We did have fun and were completely refreshed after 7 days. It just wasn't perfect. But regardless, I wish I could go on another cruise right this second...but bring Anna along, of course!


  1. Wow, the snorkeling video is gorgeous! How did you film that - do you have a waterproof camera? Was this taken at the island, while you complained in the lounge chair?:) It doesn't look muddy at all! Ahhhh reminds me of snorkeling in Dominican Republic.....:)
    I love Mayan Ruins. How cool was that???

  2. @ Irena: We do have a waterproof video camera. Love it. The video was taken in the middle of the ocean. Luke literally took like 10 videos and this was the only one with fish in it. I guess I was expecting something simillar to Hawaii. I know Belize is good for snorkeling, it was just a bad-weather day.

  3. Nothing like losing a drivers license to spoil the mood - and that tour operator should have either let you know they would "go when they were ready" so you weren't steaming mad at them.


  4. What I find really funny is that during all that waiting and trouble, Luke was still happy!:) Good thing you have such a happy-go-lucky husband to mellow things out!:)

  5. @ Irena: Luke was also annoyed, but I suppose he was definitely more understanding of the situation. But I think even if he was really angry, he would still have gone out for more snorkeling because he just really likes fish and water!

  6. I concur, I really like fish and water. And one of my favorite movies of all time is Big Fish! A movie about a salesman and a big fish, oh the joy!

    But yes, this was a crappy snorkeling trip. Best so far has been Jamaica followed by Hawaii. This outing was a bust. Still though, there were other vids with more fishies. Like the one in the little lagoon where I swam into a tree root while chasing a school of fishies and scared myself shitless. Ah, the memories...

  7. what a great vacation! You really look like you're enjoying yourselves. Can't believe you didn't blog about it sooner.


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