Cruisin', Part I

Once upon a time, hubby and I went on a week-long cruise and I never blogged about it. Well, since this blog serves as a diary for our family, I thought I would rewind to September ‘10 and share a few pictures and stories from our trip!

To sum up:
// We booked the trip shortly after Anna was born. Girlfriend was sleeping all the time and I didn't give a second thought about leaving her for a week.
// So we booked it – a 7-night cruise to the Western Caribbean on the Carnival Valor. To me, it was our post-baby babymoon.
// Fast forward to Sept: We had just moved to our new home, baby was six months old, and I DIDN’T WANT TO GO ON THE DARN CRUISE!
// Up until days before we left, we contemplated on whether to stay or go.
// The night before we were scheduled to leave, we haphazardly tossed t-shirts, shorts, and bathing suits in a suitcase. We left early the next morning…Anna wasn’t even awake.
// We got on the boat. Ate. Complained. Slept. Relaxed. Played. Whined. Ate. Slept. Talked (a lot) about Anna.
// We got off the boat. Arrived home, gave Anna a million smooches, and swore to never leave her again.

So…that was our vacation in a nutshell.
port eat sleep
It was our first time cruising with Carnival and while some people may label it as the "Walmart in the cruising industry,” we received good service and good food. No complaints. Haha, it’s funny, though, because I remember complaining A LOT while on the boat. But looking back now, it was never about the ship/Carnival itself, it was more about the ports (which I will write more about it next time) and the Port of Miami staff. Yes, the Valor wasn’t luxurious by any means nor it had a fancy shopping promenade, but we it had all the food we desired and our balcony cabin was heavenly.

Up next: the ports of call!


  1. That pic of you two at the top is adorable! I've only been on one cruise and it was when I was in high school. I'd love to go on another someday. But maybe not until we can bring our little guy with us!

  2. @ donya: I look forward in taking Anna on a cruise someday too! Waaaaay in the future, though.

  3. Wow, this seems so long ago. Good thing we have these memories, I don't know when will be the next time we hit the beaches of the Caribbean again. Till then, we'll have to settle for Anna's little bath nights...

  4. Seems like a whole 'nother life time ago huh?


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