Yesterday for our Date-versay #8, hubby and I (and Anna) went on a hot date to Ledo Pizza, Trader Joe’s, and a nearby playground.

Dinner was all about entertaining the little one. Anna is all about pointing and letting us know what she wants nowadays. No, she doesn’t want water. Yes, she wants the ice cubes instead. No, she doesn’t want pizza. Yes, she wants that piece of lemon instead. It was exhausting! Highlight of the meal was when she popped a jalapeno pepper in her mouth. Haha, we all had a good laugh.

Then we went next door to Trader Joe’s. Just to browse and have Anna point to more things.

At the playground, Anna had a ball getting pushed on the swing.

We were home by 6:15pm. Bath, followed by books, bottle, and sleep.

Eight years after our first date, we are just two typical parents, doing our best in raising a little girl, leading a very ordinarily life.

But I wouldn’t have it any other way.
8th date-versary
anniversary date


  1. A red face followed by a loud scream was delightful. She should pop more hot peppers in her mouth in the future. Guess this makes her fascination with ice cubes that much clearer.

  2. Happy anniversary Joyce and Luke! You've come a long way!

  3. You guys are so sweet together, it's almost unbearable. Happy 8th date-versary, you two. May there be many more laughs ahead!

  4. Happy anniversary! What a fun night!


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