we just had the kind of weekend...

bekvem racks
...that i wish to forget.

it all started with this picture.
those spice racks as bookshelves from ikea?
pretty much the most brilliant idea ever and they would look fab in anna's room.
so on Saturday...off we went to the mega home furnishing store.
we only needed 3 spice racks. they were $4 each.
but somehow drove away with $230 worth of stuff in the trunk.
um...how did that happen and what did we buy again?
(hubby) spent the rest of the weekend painting the racks white.
two coats of paint later...
we found ourselves in anna's room, fiddling where to hang the racks.
not there. can't reach from back there. definitely NOT there.
finally, we found the best place.
under the crib.
bekvem racks 2

at least this project no longer occupies my mind. i am finally moving on.
at least we bought a comforter that fits perfectly inside the duvet. making the bed is now a happy chore.
at least anna had a ball walking around ikea and we got her a new toy.


  1. Perhaps u can try selling it on ebay/ craigslist?

  2. @ knickknacks: We will probably hang them once Anna gets older and moves to a different room. I still love the shelves...but her nursery just doesn't have a place for them.

  3. You didn't fail ... the project was done just a little too early! :) I'm sure they will look good once you find the perfect place to put them!

  4. Aw, you'll find a spot eventually. Funny thing is that we have yet to hang up shelves like this either. We couldn't even find those kind at our Ikea (and I didn't want to ask), but we settled for a different shelf (still from Ikea) instead. But we haven't hung it up yet.
    Amazingly, we were at Ikea this weekend too and I somehow walked out only $10 poorer. I was shocked!

  5. These bad boys are going up somewhere, even if it means we'll have multi-roll toilet paper dispensers in each and every bathroom of this friggin house!

  6. LOL @ Bucket n Brush!

    Everyone at work is wondering why I'm laughing on my launch break...


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