and this is what we did on her actual birthday

on Anna's birthday
top: waiting to be called at her one-year well exam. appointment involved 3 shots and resulted in one angry baby, but anna is developing right on track.
1 doctor said to let her have options at meal time. so we put a variety of food on her tray and she went to town. wish we had started this sooner, but we had always fed her with our chopsticks during dinner time.
2 birthday dinner was chinese take-out. general tso's chicken, orange chicken, lo mein, and fried rice.
3 (in singsong voice) happy birthday to you!!
4 after some coaxing, finally having some cake. NOT the icing (shudder).
5 big, messy throw-up called for an impromptu bath.
6 all clean and getting height measured and marking it on the wall.
7 it's official. looking forward to completely mark up that wall eventually.
bottom: we love you, anna! you are our sunshine!


  1. Happy all's well on the baby front! Lol, she looks mighty suspicious of that candle there. And she's wearing the hat!

  2. @ Dorkys: Yes, for all 2 seconds.

  3. Aww.. she had a an upset tummy? From the shots?

    She don't look too keen about that candle thats for sure... of all the shots, the black and white one holds my eye the longest.


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