There was something annoying about our house:

To turn on the light for the garage and for the light just outside of the garage, we had walk through the mudroom and into garage.

Yes, it wasn’t a big problem, but every time we opened the door to the garage, there was chance of dogs barking (honestly clueless on why they do that even though they know it’s just us) and waking up a sleeping baby. And that, my friend, is considered a first world problem in our little residence.

Besides, for the sake of convenience, it would just be better to have all the switches in the mudroom.

Over the weekend, hub’s dad ended our annoyance by rewiring some…um…wires, poked some holes, and, five hours later, we have this brand new panel of three switches. One switch for the mudroom (which was already in the mudroom to begin with), one for the garage, and one for outside of the garage.

I wouldn’t be able to explain to you what exactly hubby's dad did even if my life depended on it so I will just let the pictures do the talking.
The way we go on our daily lives is changed forever...


  1. So even with undergraduate and masters degrees, both us never learned to do any practical electrical work, and yet this little exercise was a walk in the park for my dad. What a weird world we live in. Definitely gonna like this new switch even more once winter rolls around again later this year. It's all about the simple little things that make life smoother.

  2. I feel like boasting that I can do electrical work too! but covering the holes in the drywall is a real trick - and I can't do that.

    Nice to have switches where they ought to be, huh? :)


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