party hat

I know Anna is not going to care about her birthday party. In fact, I am certain that she will get overwhelmed and tears will be shed. Let’s be real – with Anna’s stranger and separation anxieties, the party may very well turn into one huge crying fest….but, that is not stopping me from getting crafty and wanting to add many personal touches.

Haha, I just have to laugh at my latest project: a party hat for the birthday girl. I saw this tutorial on Oh Happy Day and declared that Anna must have one too for all the photo-ops. Well, that’s just say that this photo is dark and grainy for a reason. It’s to hide all the flaws. So don’t look too close, please.

I think it’s took me ONE whole hour to make this ONE hat, and finally completed thanks to ONE helpful hubby. After my first failed attempt, he was the one who muscled the paper into cone shape and made the little fringey ball on top.

Am not pleased about how it turned out since it has to be handled with extreme care.
Am afraid that Anna won’t hold still long enough for me to put this fragile hat on her.
Am not worrying about it, though.
Am trying to embrace imperfection.
There’s no way I hubby is doing this over.
Anna's party hat


  1. My SIL bought Ephram a crown for his birthday and I've been testing it on him to see if he'll wear it for an extended period of time. Pretty sure he'll wear it for roughly 5 seconds tomorrow at his party. HAHA! Good luck with Anna's hat! Hopefully you get at least one picture of her wearing it :)

  2. You have the camera, hubby puts it on, you quickly take as many shots as you can!

    That hat looks like an "Anna" color theme. She "ought" to like it!

  3. Ooh I saw that project a while ago myself. Good for you for taking a stab at it. A lot of the things I make don't come out great the first time around, but I'm sure you learned some tricks to make it better the next time while adding some of your own flair to it. Hope she sits still long enough to let us see her wearing it :)


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