When it comes to baby products, my personal mantra is “cheap & practical”. That’s why when my brother gave me a budget of $150 to prepare for the baby, I looked no further than this simple drying rack for $12.

Well…the drying rack has served us well. When Anna was drinking 8-10 bottles a day in the early months, this no-frills rack kept the bottles and my pump parts dry and accessible. It is something I would recommend to all new bottle-feeding moms out there.

But now that we are hoping to transition Anna off of bottles soon and I am thisclose in putting my pump away, we don’t need something that can hold up to 10 bottles (& pump parts), and let's face it, while this rack is functional, it is kind of an eyesore.

Now that we have a pretty kitchen, can you blame me for wanting to keep it that way?

Enter the newest accessory in our kitchen - Grass Countertop Drying Rack by Boon.
new addition to the kitchen
So far – love it. Mostly because how modern + stylish it is and it matches our green kitchen so perfectly. But thinking in terms of longevity, I can see us using this even when baby/toddler days are behind us. I love that this grassy rack is not specifically made for just drying bottles, but for everything. Oh, but just a note - this drying rack is smallish and definitely would not have met our needs the first year of Anna's life.

Thanks to those $10 off Amazon coupons that appeared in baby/parenting magazines in the past few months, this purchase only set me back $7. Not bad.
close up
Yes, we just cut down some trees in our yard that I need to write about, but posting about this drying rack was just a bit more important. And, without a doubt, more fun.


  1. I have loved that grass drying rack since the first time I saw it (probably even before becoming a mom!). Glad to see it works so well!

  2. That is the cutest drying rack! Does it drain well?

  3. I hate buppy bathroom dutyMarch 23, 2011 at 10:23 PM

    String together a couple of those and we'll have a litter box for the boys. Though I'm sure Pargo is too wussy to walk on those plastic spikes!

  4. @ knickknacks: The water just go to the bottom and I have to empty it out every other day. The good thing is that the grass part comes off so it's pretty easy.

  5. Now that's different... Hmm mother's day is coming up... I wonder if my mom would like one of those..


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