easy wall art update

wall art from my childhood
Last week, my mom brought over these two wall art that hung in my old bedroom from my younger days. I believe they were bought at garage sale in the late 80s, which makes them at least 22 years old (but most definitely a lot older).

I really like them. Cute and vintage-y.

Anyway, we decided to switch out the frames for an updated look. At first we considered just painting them white, but upon close examination, it was clear that they were cheaply made and the glass was actually glued to the frame – which made painting very unfriendly. And also, hubby said the yellow velvet ribbon around it had to go.

We ended up replacing the frames with new ones that we found at Walmart. They were originally black, but a few coats of white spray paint later, they are now brilliantly white.

I had just been thinking about how we needed to add a little somethin' something' to the main level half bath and these are perfect. Seriously, they look great in there.

All for less than $20.
new frames and a new home
In hindsight, hubby said we could've painted them a different color (he mentioned pink) to give it more color...and I think I agree. But this is another project that he's not doing it over. Haha.

Oh, my camera is playing tricks again and I will just have to mention that the soft yellow color of the wall art in the last photo is fake. The actual color is more represented in the top photo.


  1. Don't you just love cheap ways to make pretty art?! So crazy, I just finished decorating a wall in our living room and spent last week spray painting a bunch of frames for it too. I'm going to post it later this week.

  2. They were like 50 cents for both. They look great in your new home.

  3. Oooh, I love these pieces and how you updated the frames! They look so sweet and pretty. I'd love to have something similar in my home. It's fantastic to have something "vintage", and so cheap too!

  4. Cheap WalMart spray paint = our new best friends.


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