Chinese Sticky Rice (aka Oily Rice)

Sticky Rice
This comfort food has been making appearance in our little household for the last, oh, six weeks. But it took me until now to finally stop eating long enough to take a picture.


Sticky rice, oily rice, glutinous rice, whatever you want to call it - is one of my all-time favorite food. After I seeing how easy it is to make on Tiny Urban Kitchen, I knew I had to give it a try. I mean, up until six weeks ago, I relied on my mom or hubby's mom to make it for us and it was about time I change that.

[I've decided that unless I made a drastic alteration to the original recipe, instead of repeating it here, I am just going to link it. So here is the recipe. Her blog is awesome overall, too.]

I did make one slight change to the recipe: Typical Taiwanese-style sticky rice calls for sliced pork loin, which is what I am used to. But hubby prefers Chinese sausage so I have been using that instead. It actually makes the dish even easier to make since I can just buy a pack of the Chinese sausage and it lasts forever in the fridge.

We all love this dish around here. Anna included. I typically cook it early on Saturday morning and it feeds us all day long. Can't beat that convenience!

Oh, there are recipes out there for this dish that require using a steamer. I use rice cook and it's so simple and so fast to prepare. Wouldn't do it any other way!


  1. this looks so yummy! I like chinese sausage and pork so i'll have to try it both ways. I can't hardly wait. I'm drooling over your photo!

  2. I agree... it sure looks yummy!

  3. OMG it looks so easy. I'm totally a Chinese Sausage person!

  4. Man I'm hungry, I think we need to get a fridge and microwave for the bedroom...

  5. Hey, I never thought I missed this dish until I saw it on your blog! I made it last week and it was so simple and tasted great. =) I ate it throughout the entire day! Thanks for posting the wonderful recipe, Joyce!

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