Anna's Birthday Party - The Event

After all the planning, Anna's birthday party came and went in a flash.

In summary: Girlfriend is suspicious of people. People can't make eye contact with her, but she can look at whoever she pleases. Little people are okay in her book, though. She would not touch cake when all eyes are on her. She doesn't do party hats. She got lots of new stuff, including two pairs of real shoes that her parents were too cheap to buy. And money to buy more shoes and other stuff.

Ok, onto the pictures!
wearing party hat
Anna's First Birthday
Anna's First Birthday
Yes, the party was attended by more than just the 3 of us and here is proof. Please note the baby on the bottom left - he was all giggles the entire time and I am pretty sure his parents will have balloons at his birthday party later this year. :)
Anna's First Birthday
All in all, a very nice party and I have great memories of it!

The end.


  1. Alright, now I know I'm getting shafted on my birthdays. Oh well, if anyone deserved this more, it was definitely Baby A. And only her bestest mom could've pulled it off so effortlessly.

  2. awww. How fun! And she scored 2 big girl shoes! Nice.

  3. What total fun! I love that balloon border in the kitchen in the background of your pics - makes it more festive.

  4. You look really marvelous Joyce! And so happpy with your little one -


  5. wow that baby on the left looks so cute!


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