shopping for a dining set from the comfort of my cube

I wasn’t looking forward to shopping for a dining table. The car rides, the actual shopping part, the decisions, the price comparison. All while lugging a baby along. It just didn’t sound like fun to me. And that’s why our dining room sits empty, even after almost 6 months.

But guess what? Not for long! Come this Friday, we will have a new resident in the house!

On Monday, President’s Day, while I was at work, hubby (who had the day off) decided to take on the dirty job himself. He had told me days earlier about his plan and since - I have to admit - hubby is better at judging what pieces would work/not work for our house, I totally trusted him to pick a good one.

My only requirement was that it can accommodate 6 people minimum. Bonus if it can expand and 8 people can sit around it comfortably. Extra bonus for a table without legs, but with a pedestal base instead.

Oh, and since we already have a casual dining table big enough for our little family in the breakfast nook, this dining table is more for when we have guests over. So we were looking for something more formal and classic, but not stuffy with ornate carvings.

I was happy that hubby wanted to go shopping alone and wasn’t expecting him to involve me in the decision, but he did. These are just some of the cell phone pictures I received from him while sitting in my cube.

dining table options
I didn’t like the top left one period. The bottom ones were too casual and not big enough (although bottom left one is something that would look great in our breakfast nook – if we need to replace our current one down the road). The only one that spoke to me was the upper right one, but not completely in love either since we don’t like those thick straight legs.

Eventually, this one showed up in my inbox and – ta-da! – we found The One!
The One
It was love at first sight and hubs admitted that this was the first one that he actually sat down at. When collapsed, it sits 6, and up to 8 or even 10 when expanded. The chairs are solid wood. Unfortunately, the table top isn’t, but that wasn’t one of my must-haves anyway. We will still be doing our everyday living using our current dining table, so I don’t see us abusing this one too much. And lastly, the extra bonus, a (leggy) pedestal! Now no one will end up having to straddle a leg throughout the meal. Good, right?

Once it is here and all set up on Friday, we will need to move some things out of the dining room and do a bit of rearrangement. Can’t wait to snap pictures of before and after!


  1. I wonder what our first meal on it will be?

  2. nice choice! how's it going? it's been a while since I've been online, but happy to be able to visit and read up on your Anna over the past couple of months! take care!

  3. I am guessing the first meal will be at Anna's party.

  4. @ flora: We are doing well. Miss you posts!

  5. Still waiting for a redeliveryMarch 1, 2011 at 8:25 PM

    Belfort Furniture sucks balls. Will never ever buy from them again, their customer service is incompetent and worthless.

  6. @ Still waiting for a redelivery: Yes, took an afternoon off for nothing! Hope a smooth delivery THIS Saturday. Hmph.

  7. Ut oh... it didn't come yet? :(


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