Scenes: Baby's First Lunar New Year 2011

Hello & Happy Monday!

Whew, after a long week, I am happy to report that Anna is 98% recovered from her first cold. She's drinking normally again and had her first grilled cheese sandwich. Alas, the sandwich made a reappearance shortly after. Not because she was sick, but because she didn't know to swallow before shoveling more into her mouth. Ah, will try again tomorrow. Just glad that she loves it. Anyway, the point is, she's feeling much better. Thanks for all your well wishes!

We did spend some time with families this weekend. Because of a malfunctioning nipple (long story), Saturday night with hubby's family included some fussy moments for Anna. Sunday lunch with my family went a lot smoother - she happily munched on sea bass and dumplings! It's so convenient that she can really eat whatever we eat now.

Anyway, not many pictures to share, but here are my favorites. Haha, especially loving the second one. Crying shots are the best.
PS. Lucky Anna is $106 richer by the end of the weekend.


  1. Trying to get a baby and two dogs to look at a camera at the same time = very difficult.

  2. Love the family shot! :) The table of yummy food is making me hungry!

  3. Ah, so glad she's feeling better!

  4. Wow! Anna has to be crying because she can't reach all that yummy food on the table!

  5. What a lucky kid indeed! I barely got that much as a kid.


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