I made five dollars.

Exciting news! I made five dollars through my banner ads on {sugarlens}!

Pretty soon I will be making a six figure salary from blogging about my kid and dogs and unoriginal recipes that you can find anywhere else! :)

Haha, yes, it’s just five dollars....AND it did take TWO years….but I am completely delighted either way.

Of course, I couldn’t have earned those five dollars without you guys, my most loyal readers. While I truly enjoy documenting my life online and would continue to do so even if my only visitor was my hubby, I would be lying if I said that I didn’t look forward in reading all YOUR kind comments everytime I post. So thanks a bunch!

Now…the (five-dollar) question is: What should I spend the money on? I absolutely think I am going to spend it. Really, no point in saving five dollars here. I am thinking something totally un-practical and unnecessary.


  1. First thing that came to mind: a five dollah foot-long from Subway. Any guess as to what I have for lunch 2-3 times a week?

  2. I vote for a first-aid kit or a box of band-aids. We're gonna need em for the new biped in the house.

  3. Wow. $2.50 a year... before taxes... can't forget those... LOL!

    I think you should get something nice for you... go on, splurge!


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