11 months

11 months
Anna Banana,

You are just one month away from being ONE YEAR OLD! How exciting!

As you round out your first year, here are some quirky things you are up to.

Your preferred mode of transportation is walking.
Unless you are in a rush, then you bolt around on all 4’s.
You shoot up your right arm high when we yell “How big is Anna?”
(You are SO BIG, by the way.)
Still not too interested in toys, but diapers, small hotel shampoo and lotion bottles, and Vaseline keep you entertained.
Especially that Vaseline. Oh my. The content inside has your little fingerprints all over it.
You climb.
So far, you have conquered the fireplace, the dishwasher, and the couch.
You bang objects together or bang them on the floor with strong passion.
You also love to bang on piano keys.
You have trouble slowing down when self-feeding.
(You are so curious to find out just how many Cheerios you can fit inside your mouth.)
You let out massive giggles when we smash you into an Anna sandwich!

Anna, you are such an animated girl and continue to make me laugh and make my life a happy occasion. I love hanging out with you and listening to your little chit chat. I love watching how you marvel at the tiniest things. I relish in reading you stories and smile when you turn the pages. You are the best, my little big girl, I can hardly believe you are almost one. xoxo.
11 months
Happy Valentine's Day


  1. All I have to say...February 14, 2011 at 9:45 PM

    I ♥ Anna

  2. Oh goodness... has it really been almost a year already?!? Seems like just yesterday she was born... and now you have a new daughter, new home, and everythings changed ...except one thing.. you are just as nice and sweet as ever. :)


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