What Makes You Feel Like a Good Mom?

When your head hits the pillow, what makes you think that “this was a great day” before you fall asleep? I thought I would ask myself that question today and here are my answers as I enter the TENTH month of mamahood:

01. I was “ready” to take care of Anna when I get home from work.
02. I cooked dinner with Anna in the kitchen and I got down once in a while to interact with her. Or I put her on the countertop and let her watch me work.
03. We ate a healthy dinner together as a family at the kitchen table and conversed.
04. I didn’t check emails or Google Reader while she entertained herself. Instead, I used that time wisely and worked on #5.
05. I kept our house relatively cleaned and straightened.
06. I played and read books with Anna. I introduced something new to her.
07. I made her giggle.
08. I didn’t turn on the TV. Instead, I remembered to turn on the music. Any music.
09. I didn’t wish it was her bedtime already.
10. I went outside with Anna, in any kind of weather. Even if it was just to get mail.
11. I was calm and collected through any messes or emergencies.
12. I pet Pargo and Pesto. I didn’t yell at them. I group hug my 3 kids.
13. I tucked a happy baby into bed in clean PJs.

No, not all of them happen every single day, but I do strive to make them happen on most days. And when I have those days, I beam with pride.

As a mom, what makes you feel like you did a job well done? What does YOUR mom do that makes you feel she’s a fantastic mom?

Photo: An oldie, taken on 11.20.2010.


  1. I've been working on #8 recently. Ephram enjoys listening to music more than watching tv anyways, but it's such a bad habit of mine to turn it for background noise.

  2. @ donya: Anna has 3 primary caretakers and we actually all do things differently. Grandma leaves the TV on for background noise occasionally during the day (but sometimes it's for Anna's baby shows). I don't blame her since I would get pretty bored too. But when I am only with her for 4 hours a day during the week, I keep the TV off.

  3. Anna is really growing up surrounded with a lot love.

    :) she shows it too.


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