We Lived to Tell the Tale

i take my milk in the dark
Okay, so maybe I am being a little dramatic here.

We really only didn't have power for twenty hours.
Eight of which were spent sleeping.
The power went off just right after our nightly chores. We were about to retire to bed.
It came back on the following day, just right before the sun set.
We really only had to deal with the darkness for 1.5 hours, in the early morning hours.
We were never freezing enough to have to wear coats and gloves inside the house.
We even had gas stove to cook hot meals. And to heat up bottles for the baby.
For the perishables, we had an even bigger refrigerator outside (our screened-in porch).
Candles and matches were aplenty. (Note to self: buy more.)
We all took a glorious afternoon nap! Something that very rarely happens.
And we devoured an ice cream cake. Oh boy, did we devour. 4 people (3 adults - hubby's mom was with us - and 1 baby) polished the cake pictured below. Oink, oink.
(someone turned 33 today while shoveling snow.)
All in between, without Internet and TV, we spent quality time together.

So, not a bad day.

Dare I say, I wouldn't mind having another blackout again?
PS. Please excuse these grainiest photos you have ever seen. I have a thing against using flash. The highest setting of ISO is my best friend in a low lighting situation.


  1. Happy Birthday Luke, and happy shoveling too :-)

  2. You guys are having it really bad in DC! Although it's nice to see you making the best out of it. And happy belated birthday to daddy!! :)

  3. I was curious how you weathered the storm! Glad it wasn't too bad.

  4. This 33 yr old body has not been holding up well. Besides growing a belly, a pair of moobies, and a bum ankle, my back is screaming bloody murder after all the shoveling. Oh well, at least I have a wonderful little family to make me forget about all that stuff.

  5. @ donya: Thank goodness I left early from work that day. Some people got stuck in traffic for hours and hours! Crazy.


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